AstroDigital.Net for Windows

AstroDigital.Net is a free telescope, eyepiece and CCD calculator for astrophotographic and visual work. It computes the most important properties of your telescope system for a given eyepiece and camera combination, e.g: Magnification - Field Of View (FOV) - Sensitivity - Exit pupil - Critical Focus Zone (CFZ) - CCD characteristics - Optimal flat value - Min. oversampling - Light gathering - Limited magnitude - Resolution - Image scale - Number of visible stars - Time window for planetary photography. AstroDigital.Net offers an unparalleled Exposure Calculator to compute the total integration time of your photo series. It also offers both a transparent and a configurable night vision mode. AstroDigital.Net is designed to run at night on your laptop during your astronomy session!

AstroDigital.Net addresses both astrophotographers and visual observers. It supports hundreds modern telescopes, cameras and eyepieces. However, you can customize it down to your own equipment. AstroDigital.Net is offered as a single multilanguage package, it is easily extendable and offers useful features often not found in other calculators. It is fast, easy to use, and it has been designed to work side by side with your telescope setup at night. It's a live piece of code, free updates are available every year. AstroDigital.Net is being developed by a hobby astrophotographer like you. Every released version has been checked with the latest antivirus software. AstroDigital.Net works on Windows 7/Vista/XP and it's based on the state-of-the-art .NET (tm) Microsoft technology.

> MS-Windows XP, Service Pack 2 with .NET-2.0 framework and MS-Windows-3.1 Installer (<= stable)
> Windows Vista: The .NET-3.0 framework is integral part of Vista, no need to be installed separately. (<= stable)
> Windows 7: The .NET-3.5 framework is integral part of Windows 7, no need to be installed separately.
> Windows 8: The .NET framework is integral part of Windows 8, no need to be installed separately.
> Apple MacOS-X 10.7 or higher with the MONO-2.x framework. (<= beta stage, partially tested)
> Suse Linux 11.1 or higher with the MONO-2.x framework. (<= beta stage, partially tested)

Supported Equipment:
AstroDigital.Net supports some equipment of the following manufacturers (tm):

Cameras and Autoguiders
- Philips (ToUCam) - Canon (EOS) - Meade (DSI) - ATiK - SBIG (ST/STL/STX) - Starlight - TheImagingSource (DMK/DBK) - Lumenera - QSI (500) - Nikon (d3100) - QHY

Telescopes & Eyepieces
AstroPhysics - Carl Zeiss - Celestron - Galaxy - ICS - Lazzarotti Optics - Meade - Pentax - RC Optical - Siberia - Stellarvue - TAL - TMB - Takahashi - Televue - TEC - Vixen

If your system is not listed above, you can easily integrate it using a simple text editor. Look at the delivered equipment files to get an idea how they work. You are also welcome to use our forum to share your experience with the AstroDigital.Net community.

All products mentioned above are registered trademarks (tm) of the corresponding manufacturers/companies. Please, contact us (AstroDigital.Net) to report a bug in our software. Only us!