AstroDigital.Net for Windows

Licence types
This program is freeware. It is available in a single ZIP package .

* Functionality: Full
* Versions: 2.4
* Activation: Not required.

This is a full version and I would appreciate it if you reference my site http://www.AstroDigital.Net from your homepage, your blog or your astronomy forum. Thank you.

Feature list:
Click below to see all supported functions.
Spreadsheet in PDF format

Dos and Donts:
You have only the permission to use AstroDigital.Net and you should do it in confidence. You are NOT allowed to reverse engineer, debug, publish, mirror, copy AstroDigital.Net or parts of it. However, only for your personal use, you are encouraged to extend the delivered equipment files (.equ) with your own equipment. See also the program documentation. Thank you.